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ERKON is a private high-tech enterprise established in 2002.

Since its establishment, ERKON is dedicated to being one of the leading companies in the design, manufacture and sale of linear fixed resistors to the commercial and industrial world markets. ERKON offers precision, power, high-voltage and other resistors based on the Thin Film and Thick Film technology, both surface mount and axial & radial leaded.

Our primary products are RF power resistors (power to 800 W), terminations and attenuators, high-value resistors (to 100 GΩ), high-voltage (to 40000 V) resistors and dividers, precision (tolerance to 0,01 %) and high stability (max. resistance change at rated dissipation after 70000 h to 2 %) leaded resistors. The company's experience in production of ultra-precision and high stability leaded resistors is tremendous.

ERKON welcomes custom tailored orders. Due to the fact that the enterprise generated its own R&D school, carries out scientific-research and experimental-design works, being the developer for each of its sold products, it makes possible high quality unique solutions over a reasonably short lead time. If you have a set of specifications please e-mail us at sales@erkon-nn.com or call +7(831)464-50-21 to discuss your requirements and get us started designing a component to your specifications.

Our products are primarily used in the automotive, consumer, telecommunications, medical electronics, aerospace, and satellite communications markets.