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Research and Development

JSC “SPA “ERKON” implements complex high-tech projects on the basis of a full scientific-industrial cycle “research-development-production- product support” within passive electronic components framework.

The enterprise carries out scientific-research and experimental-design works on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The enterprise has got three major departments for development:

  • The Scientific Production Center
  • The Technological Center for resistor production
  • The Design Bureau for equipment, special tooling and instrumentation,

which continually improve technology of production, make development and implementation of new types of the products. The directions of development are chosen basing on market analysis and particular customers requests.

Over 25 scientific articles were published and over 50 reports were presented at international and Russian scientific-technical conferences by the resident researchers, 23 patents for inventions and useful models, 5 certificates of official registration of PC programs were received during the last five years.

The major activity lines in creating the new base of passive components are:

Surface mount resistors (SMD)

  • of general use, 0201-2512 case sizes,
  • thin film superprecision (down to 0,01%) and high stability (0,05% per 5000 hours),
  • high voltage (up tp 10kV),
  • low-ohmic (down to 1mOhm) and high-value (up to 10TOhm),
  • high frequency - RF (up to 18 HGz),
  • high frequency powerful (up to 10kW),
  • housing powerful (housing T220, TO220 etc.),
  • cylindrical with frontal stiff leads (MELF),
  • jumpers;

Resistors for air wiring:

  • cylindrical, of general use,
  • cylindrical, thin film superprecision (down to 0,01%) and high stability (0,02% per 5000 hours),
  • high voltage (up tp 50kV);

Powerful RF resistors and attenuators:

  • flanged mounted,
  • housing mounted (bulk) with coaxial connectors N, SMA and K types.

Chip inductors

  • high frequency and microwave inductors;
  • chokes;


  • alumina ceramic mass;
  • ceramic products;

ERKON conducting research in the fields of HF&UHF model development for products (in the form of SNP files) for modern CAE-systems.

Customized test samples of resistors, resistors exceeding specification requirements are available.

The company's management is ready for cooperation in development and release of new products.